Why a story conveys so much information

A long time ago, before homo sapiens, our ancestors told the first stories to each other. Perhaps it was the fish who waved their tails to retell a tale of love, reminding their mate of nature’s song of creation. Even before that, the chemical signal that organisms should bind together because they share the same heritage of species. It’s undeniable because it’s in our DNA, our soul as living beings…

Why are stories so effective at conveying information?

What is a story (Narrative)? A story is a way (an algorithm) of expressing a sequence of events. Often times, this sequence can express interaction of concepts in a memorable (efficient) way.

Like a traveler heading toward a calling, a story is a linear progression, meandering deeper through concepts. Along the way, we meet characters. Some characters compel us to change by blocking a potential path. Some open new paths. What is important is that the characters have a meaningful and memorable message to tell us along the way.

How a story like Les Misérables tells a tale including suffering, revenge, hope, joy, forgiveness, redemption, loss, faith, love…

Many pieces of the human experience expressed to you with such power and soul embedding clarity.

Indeed, the story is a powerful way to convey a state of being, an energy, a faith, a way to live in a few short word

This post was a line of thought from Fast and Thorough Testing with jasmine-flow.

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